TestGrid: Best alternative to Katalon


Delivering high-quality software products that are innovative and easy to use is the priority of software developers worldwide. However, achieving this is impossible without evaluating each of the software’s components under diverse expected and unexpected conditions. Hence most organizations are including software testing as a mandatory part of the development process to ensure the end product is flawless. 

The importance of software testing can be determined by the fact that the US software testing industry was worth $ 6.8 billion in 2022 and is predicted to rise further in the coming years. Through software testing, testers identify bugs and issues early in the development process, allowing them to be rectified before the product launch. Software testing ensures that only perfect products are distributed to consumers while elevating customer satisfaction and trust.  

However, to guarantee the best outcome for your testing process, identifying and selecting the right testing tool compatible with the project scope and requirements is critical. With the huge range of testing tools available in the market with their unique strengths and drawbacks, it can be daunting to pick the right one for your project. So, we provide in this article information about two popular testing platforms, Katalon and TestGrid, with a comparison of their features and advantages so that you can decide which is better for you.


It is one of the most trusted end-to-end automation platforms for testing web, mobile, and desktop applications. The cloud-based, codeless testing platform, powered by AI, makes testing cost-efficient and easy for testers and developers, enabling rapid delivery of error-free software products to the market. 

Here are its key features:

  • Easy access to real devices and browsers whenever you need them
  • Can be deployed on the cloud or on-premise, or in a hybrid environment
  • Scale your testing efforts as and when you require without needing to set up any additional infrastructure
  • Lets you automate test cases using simple keywords and leverage AI to auto-heal and access the code
  • Provides rich insights for UI, API, and device performance with benchmarking without the need for third-party tools
  • Allows you to auto-generate SAST reports after every build execution
  • Facilitates scriptless automation of voice-enabled devices like Alexa
  • Lets you perform API testing and cross-browser testing and derive performance metrics without needing additional integrations


It is a popular cloud-based automation testing platform where you can test web, mobile, and desktop applications and API all in one place. You can easily set it up and begin automating your tests with a few clicks. The low-code platform is good for beginners who do not have programming experience. 

Here are its key features:

  • Provides readymade test scenarios, keywords and object repositories for quick set-up
  • Has a supportive community and also offers detailed documentation to guide users
  • Its record and playback feature makes testing easy
  • Provides a rich set of custom keywords that reduces the time needed to create, run and maintain automated tests
  • Supports data-driven testing using multiple data sources like XLS or CSM
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Azure DevOps

Why is TestGrid a better option than Katalon?

With its incredible set of capabilities and benefits, TestGrid easily surpasses Katalon in many aspects. It is a scriptless, fast and scalable alternative to Katalon. Here are the reasons why you need to choose TestGrid over Katalon:

Features that TestGrid offers but Katalon doesn’t:

Automation test creation

  • Allows web-based API testing
  • Provides XCUITest support for iOS
  • Enables parallel test execution on real devices
  • Facilitates test data parameterization
  • Provides API data and UI assertions
  • Includes a test data management suite
  • Auto-healing of test cases through AI/ML

Remote infrastructure access

  • Provide private and on-premise mobile cloud infrastructure
  • Offers private and on-premise browser cloud infrastructure

Functional/Manual testing

  • Offers network-level testing 
  • Allows monitoring of network-traffic 

Performance Testing

  • Offers mobile performance testing
  • Provides web single-user metrics


  • Let you derive real-time visual reporting 
  • Provides rich, smart data insights into the application under test
  • Offers email integrations

Robotic Test Automation

  • Provides robotic arms built on open-source components for testing hardware workflows


  • Provides monthly free support for up to 40 man hours
  • Offers chat, call, and email support 24×7


While yearly maintenance costs for Katalon can go up to 200,000 per year, with TestGrid, the costs are lower by 40%.

Advantages of using TestGrid for automation testing

TestGrid provides advantages that other automation tools cannot match:

  • Ease of use: TestGrid’s scriptless testing capabilities and simple interface empower even testers without coding knowledge to run tests, thus reducing the dependency on programmers with experience.
  1. Cost-effectiveness: With TestGrid, you save around 60% of the time taken to automate your tests and around 45% of the overall costs.
  2. Uncompromised security: By allowing you to generate integrated SAST reports after every build execution, TestGrid identifies security flaws that could compromise your application
  3. Test reusability: TestGrid lets you reuse test steps on different app versions and other apps, saving time for testers
  4. Parallel testing: It lets you run the same tests across multiple configurations at the same time, enabling you to accelerate your testing process and release software faster 
  5. Cross-browser testing: You can run tests on hundreds of real browsers and devices and on different browser versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more
  6. Easy test maintenance: With its self-healing feature, you need not worry about test maintenance, as the tests get fixed on their own
  7. Remote accessibility: TestGrid’s device cloud makes it easy for remote testing teams to test applications from anywhere and at anytime 
  8. Easy integration with testing frameworks: You can easily integrate with testing frameworks like Appium or Espresso, ensuring a more in-depth testing


As you can see, TestGrid, with its powerful features, is easily the best alternative to Katalon. TestGrid’s easy bug identification enables testers to identify defects and functional issues early in the development process, reducing the risk of post-production issues and preventing unnecessary costs.

TestGrid’s AI-powered codeless test automation revolutionizes the automation testing experience for organizations, enabling them to speed up the testing process and release error-free products faster to their end-users.


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