Easy ways to use lighting to decorate your beautiful homes


Illumination is one of the most important elements of interior decorating. There’s nothing better than giving your space a stunning lighting layout as it is not only satisfying when you’re designing your entire space but it gives your home an exceptional aesthetic value that is simply out of this world. 

There are so many ways you can give your space an extraordinary touch of elegance. Be it old-school lighting with incandescent or candle bulbs, or the new-age LED designs, you have a plethora of options to go for when considering the lighting layout of your home. Don’t sweat it out as we bring the best and the most practical ways you could use lighting to decorate your home. 

1. Layered lighting for a beautiful ambience

Layered lighting is one of the best ways to start your lighting layout as it not creates uniformity in your home but sets the tone of your space. The elements that you need to focus on are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. And you can go with an extra touch by adding some decorative lighting or indirect lighting and some fixtures with an upward glow. 

For the best ambient lighting, go with ceiling lights with a relaxed glow or you can go with what’s trending right now, long chandelier light. Task lighting is much more intense and is used to light up specific parts of your home. Pendant lights, table lamps, floor lamps and a few others are perfect for the purpose. The final element includes accent lighting which is used to highlight the finest design elements in your decor. None of these lighting fixtures is too hard to find anywhere and you can even buy table lamps online along with them.

2. Add some pizzazz to your space with overhead lighting designs

There’s nothing better than giving your home a distinctive look with a statement piece. Statement pieces are the best design elements to grace your space because of many reasons. The first is that they become stunning focal points in your decor and the second is because they give your home an exceptional functionality quotient and the most important one is that they can balance the lighting in your space effortlessly. A chandelier, a ceiling light or a pendant light is just perfect for this purpose. 

3. Some depth and drama for your hallways 

Hallways and lobbies are one of the most ignored spaces in the homes when they should be started with first because of the functionality required there. Now, there are many ways you could add functionality to this space, but doing it with a little flair would change the way how you would look at your hallways again. The best fixtures for your hallways could be track lightning, pendant lights, and chandeliers. And if you throw in a few wall lights or table lamps in the mix, then you’ll have the perfect ambience for the space.


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