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Just when I think I’m tired of this subject, someone comes along and makes it even more interesting. This is the third time I’ve had a person ask me about my favorite quotes. I try to post at least one quote each week, but as with all things, it’s different every day. This week I chose three quotes that I think are very relevant to the topic of this blog.

When it comes to the topic of this blog, I think we are all a bit obsessed with self-awareness. A lot of the time, we think it doesn’t matter what we think or do, we just “know” we are doing it. If we don’t take a moment to examine our beliefs, it is easy to fall back into a life of “normalcy”.

It’s like when you take a moment to evaluate your decisions. It is easy to look back at the decisions that you made, and immediately feel like you made a mistake, but you realize these decisions were the right decisions at the time. Self-awareness is about taking time to reevaluate your decisions, and thinking about why they were the right ones at that time.

In the same way that we don’t look at our actions as if they are all just random and meaningless, we don’t look at our beliefs as if they are random and meaningless, and then we feel like we should be doing the same. When we do that, we are taking a moment to look at ourselves, and see our beliefs as what they are.

Self-awareness means to take time to reevaluate our beliefs and determine whether they are true or false.

We feel guilty if we are not fully self-aware. If we are not fully self-aware, we feel guilty if we are not fully in control of our own beliefs. In other words, if we are not in control of our beliefs, our actions are more likely to be random, meaningless, and unimportant.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea that we’re in control of our beliefs, and that’s what we want to change.But we can’t change our beliefs and can’t change our actions.

laura ingraham is a recent example of a person who had a belief in her decision to tweet about her decision. Even though she was in control of her beliefs, her actions were random and unimportant.

A good example of how we can’t change our beliefs because we are only in control of our beliefs is the recent news story of a young boy whose dad was diagnosed with cancer. His dad refused to take the medicine that had been prescribed for him, and he died from the side effects. The news made headlines and brought about a lot of emotional turmoil to his parents. His mom decided to tweet about his case, and she was caught up in the news cycle.



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