jezz: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier


The most frustrating part of the self-awareness process is the lack of self-expression. I know that I want to write this post, but I can’t. I can’t express myself through words. It would be nice to see my face in this photo. I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely.

The problem is that we’re in a time when words used to express our emotions and feelings haven’t evolved at all. The only thing that has evolved is the internet, which has allowed us to communicate through pictures and videos without words. This is a problem because it prevents us from feeling the emotions that we seek to express, and it also creates other problems.

Emotions, feelings, and emotions are the three main things that people use to talk about in English. For example, when someone is sad, angry, or scared, we can describe them using the word “emotion”. That’s because we understand that the word “emotion” is a metaphor for the feeling we have when we feel those emotions.

A person cannot talk about something without emotion. For example, for me and my friends, “getting laid” is an emotion. And when we say “getting laid,” we don’t mean getting laid.

However, emotions are not always the correct words to use. For example, when someone is angry, we can describe them as angry. But when they are angry, they are often not angry at all. The word angry is a term of abuse in society, so we dont use it to describe people who are just frustrated.

As a young adult, I have found that being angry is a very useful emotion. It’s a powerful tool that lets me express a lot of my emotions, but not always at the right time. It also gives me strength and courage. It’s a lot like how you can use your feelings of anger to help get you through a hard time. However, being angry can also get you into trouble. So when you’re angry, you have to be careful.

As a young adult, I’ve found that it’s a very powerful emotion and sometimes there are even moments where I don’t feel like I’m angry myself but feel like I’m angry and that it can be very powerful. It’s also really important to get to the root of anger as it can be very harmful to others. As a young adult, I find that it’s very hard to be angry. I’m afraid that I’ll be just like everyone else in the world who is angry.

I feel like the majority of people who are angry are also stupid. I think that is why a lot of people dont understand how dangerous anger can be. Most of the time, when I am angry, I do this: I want to hurt people. I want to hurt someone to get revenge, or I want to try to get myself revenge. I hate myself, I wish things would be different, and this is how I feel every time I am angry.

Anger is dangerous, and the very fact that so many people are still so afraid of anger is one of the things I despise about humanity. When I feel angry, I want to hurt someone. And when I hate myself, I want to get revenge. The fact that so many people feel so afraid of the very thing that defines them makes me wonder if we really are all that different.

I really don’t know what I hate about myself. Like I said, I hate myself for being angry. I hate myself for not being able to control my anger. I hate myself for my anger being such a source of pain and suffering. I hate myself for the things I say and do that cause others to feel so uncomfortable and alone. But I don’t hate myself for being so angry that I want to hurt someone and get revenge. I hate myself for not being able to stop.



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