The Best Kept Secrets About jenn muriel


jenn muriel is a singer-songwriter, who is also a blogger, a writer, and a photographer.

Jenn has been a fan of her hometown Houston’s music scene for years. After attending a show that featured a cover of ‘The Eurythmics’ at the time I really wanted to meet her. I sent off an email with a request to the Houston Chronicle, and they said that they were indeed looking for someone who’d like to cover an album in Houston.

She’s been doing that ever since in her blog. Her blog covers a wide range of subjects including music, art, food and drink, photography, and a lot of other stuff, all of which is interesting and entertaining. She’s also a pretty good photographer, and we were able to get some pictures of her at her photo shoot at the Houston Chronicle. It was a pretty epic shoot with her being as amazing as she is.

Its a blog, its not a website, so that’s good. And she has a pretty diverse taste in music too, so it’s pretty cool that she’s covering a lot of different music. She’s also a pretty good writer, which makes her a good person to interview.

Jenn, like all of the other interviewees, is a pretty cool person. She’s passionate about what she loves, and she’s pretty down to earth. I can’t wait to see where she goes with her writing.

Jenn has a very cool blog and a pretty cool personality. She sounds like a real person and shes a pretty cool person to be interviewing too.

Jenn is a really cool person. I know shes pretty down to earth and doesn’t really have the most positive outlook on the world. She is just a real person that I would love to know more about. If she writes a book, I would definitely read it, and if she writes a song, I would probably download it. She sounds like a real person that I would be stoked to interview.

Jenn is a total sweetheart and a really great interviewer. She definitely has that “sassy” thing going on, and I think that’s why she gets so many good questions too. She is just a really cool person to be interviewing. If you like her writing, go check out her blog.

I love Jenn, and I really would love to know more about her. I can’t wait to see what she writes.



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