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I love this photo, but it is my favorite of the whole blog. This photo is about as close to a perfect picture as I’ve ever seen of the view Ellie’s mom had on the beach and the view we both had on the beach.

I’ve always loved my mom and the beach, but being the first person to get a beach photo made me realize the beauty of the beach and the ocean. I get so obsessed with my mom these days. She’s always there to encourage me and tell me I’m okay. She’s always there to be a big sister.

For the first time in my life I actually feel like I have a mother. My mom passed away in 2006, but even now I see her everytime I close my eyes.

I remember a moment in my life when I thought I was her daughter. That moment is so precious to me because it’s the first time I thought I had a mother. A mother I can call on if I need her to tell me Im okay. I remember the first time I saw her smile after she got out of the bath. I remember the first time we shared a kiss. I remember the first time I saw her hand out to me.

I remember when she went out of the room to take a leak and I told my dad “hey dad, could you wash my hair?” He got completely flustered and said “well no, honey, I don’t have time to wash your hair!” I remember when I told my aunt that my mom was my mom and she said “oh no, I’m your mother, mom, I’m your mom, I’m your mom!”. I remember the last time I saw my mom.

There are plenty of things that I’ve seen that I recall. The other day I went out for a walk and I found a dead cat in a tree. I thought I was imagining that. Then I opened the door and the cat fell right through the window and I watched it land on the deck below. I’ll never forget my dad asking me what the hell I was thinking.

I mean it seems strange that a cat would fall through a window. I just remember my dad asking me to get a hammer because he knew that I would have to break the glass. This is the same guy who was always telling me to go to school and not to go trick-or-treating, but he was a stickler for protocol when it came to the death of the cat.

I mean I’m not sure if he was serious or not. I’m not sure if I’m in the wrong place or if I’m the right cat. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to be dead or if the cat is supposed to be dead and I’m supposed to be dead.

In a way Deathloop is the opposite of that cat. It’s not a story about your cat, but the story of a cat. Colt Vahn is the person who was supposed to be dead. And he’s not a good person. He’s a bad person. He’s really stupid and he’s really bad at his job. The cat is supposed to be dead, but he’s still alive.

The cat is actually the best part of the trailer because it is this cat who is supposed to be dead. It is the cat who is supposed to wake up but is instead still alive and in a coma. This cat has the power to change the future by simply thinking of that future.



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