A Guide to Pneumatic Hammers/Breakers

Pneumatic Hammers

If you have often come across heavy-duty concrete breakers, you would know the need for well-developed machines to carry out their work efficiently. As such, traditional breakers or hammers have their pros and cons. But the advancement with things like pneumatic air hammers or breakers, traditionally known as concrete breakers, have improved ways of working that smoothen the demolition process. 

Whether working with smaller blocks that need demolition or larger ones such as granite or concrete, you need a tool that best fits your needs. This is because if you don’t use the appropriate tool, the chances of any accidents or mishaps increase, and there is a greater possibility of delay that does not look good for a company. If you are working in the construction industry, you know the value of the client’s impression of you and what happens when the client sees delayed work. This impacts not only the project but also you as a business. Understanding that the chances of a referral decrease with every delayed day are essential. Now, you know time is of the essence in the construction world, but how do you achieve the best results in less time? The best way is to opt for machines and devices that make your work smoother and more convenient. So, here is a guide to understanding things you should consider before you buy a pneumatic jackhammer:


Before you think about buying a concrete breaker or jackhammer, it is crucial to understand the difference and functions of each breaker. This will allow you to understand whether the given breaker/hammer fits your project. 


When the project requires you to break more minor aspects, such as walls or tiles, there may be better options than a heavy-weight breaker. In such cases, you can use lightweight breakers. These are great options in areas where there are weight restrictions or risks involved with weight. You can also easily handle them and won’t require extra labour costs. For example, if you have to break down a patio or want to chisel an old wall, the ideal device for the same would be a lightweight breaker.  


As mentioned previously, it is essential to consider the project before considering the tool. So in cases of more extensive areas to cover for demolition or breaking down, you would require a more effective tool. But heavy-duty breakers are heavy and would consume more time and energy. Hence choosing a medium breaker will be ideal as you get a more prominent tool, but the lighter weight of the device increases performance ability and reduces costs in the long run. 


Often used in airport roads, heavy-duty concrete demolition requiring more force, such as working in more challenging spots like concrete roads or redevelopment, is where this machine can provide excellent performance. 

Air Storage

As it is a pneumatic concrete breaker or hammer, you need to consider the air storage capacity. The ideal capacity is a 20-gallon tank, but smaller tanks are also suitable for portable reasons. 

If you want to buy a pneumatic jackhammer or concrete breaker, it is crucial to consider the points mentioned above before you begin your search. Besides, considering things like budget and power supply can also help you better understand what matches your requirements.  


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