What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About 50 15


A lot of times we look at the world through the lens of our own self-esteem or self-image. It’s a choice we make based on what we think is important. We can choose to look inside ourselves, or we can choose to look outside ourselves.

That, and our attitude towards our own self.

This is especially true when it comes to people we love. You know what I mean? Like a parent, a spouse, a child, etc.. We all feel the pull to do good for them. Yet, we don’t often look deep within ourselves and ask why. We think that is the kind of thing we should already know, and we think if we ask someone for the time of day it is because that person has something important to do.

A few days later we are able to do a full-on investigation into this. We go into every room, ask a dozen questions about some of the most interesting areas of our lives. It’s not easy to ask questions, but we are able to ask a hundred more. We can get some of the answers that we like and better than we would have if we had been in a room with other people.

Of course we can’t expect the answers we find to be the whole story, but the point of a mystery is to get us to the point where we can ask the questions we want to know the answers to, so that’s the point of this article.

In the end, the most important aspect of mystery writing, for me, is the mystery itself. Once we know the question we can begin to explore the story in an entirely new way. I love books, and my favorite is the novel, with the movie being a close second. I always look forward to the novel because it gives me the opportunity to be completely absorbed in the characters and their stories. I love the mystery genre for its ability to keep me interested and engaged.

I agree. I find mystery novels to be the best of all the mystery genres. I really like the idea that the story is told in a way that makes the reader wonder what’s going on, and it gives the reader a great deal of freedom in how they want to interpret the story. If I’m writing a mystery, I want to tell it in as many ways as possible.

I agree. I find it to be the best of all the mystery genres because it allows you to delve into the mysteries of the characters, and really get inside their heads, as well as the mysteries of the world in which they live. Its a great storyteller, and I’m definitely a fan of it.



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