2 Things you need to know about remote-controlled blinds

remote-controlled blinds

The demand for home automation has been heaving in the past few years, which heavily influences the interior design industry. Smart home gadgets are transforming the lives of individuals in various ways, and you will use most of the devices to elevate comfortable living at your home. Automating window treatments are the new trend in the interior design industry.

People are installing motorised blinds in their homes as they can be used conveniently. The electric window treatment is usually referred to as an electric blind or shade that is easy to operate using a remote. It clearly emphasises that lifting the blinds is just a click away. Moreover, you can also expect tilt and advanced features, making electric blinds the desirable choice.

Electric blinds – Overview

The motorised window treatments are powered using lithium batteries, but some advanced products allow users to recharge the motor through an electrical outlet. The USB cord is used to charge them. It is essential to understand that single-charge and rechargeable motors’ lifespan is very similar.

Some products with smart device compatibility allow homeowners to operate the blinds or shades using a dedicated app. All you have to do is, install the application on mobile or tablets and operate the blinds effortlessly. Motorised window treatments are reliable, and they last for several years. However, the longevity of the product is also based on its usage.

Most people worry about the noises that motorised blinds may cause, but it is crucial to understand that various factors determine the decibel range of the product. 

When buying a product, consider the brands, product types and the window treatment’s size matters. You should remember that branded products are designed by considering volume as one of the critical factors.

Investing in the quality product ensures that there won’t be any loud noises in the blinds. As it involves technology, you don’t have to worry about the installation process. The electric blind’s installation is very similar to traditional window treatments.

Benefits of remote-controlled blinds

Whether you are revamping the home interiors or installing the newest products at your home, an energy-efficient blind is a must-have. There are several benefits to installing the electric blind at your home, and you will get to know them below.

Firstly, the motorised window coverings are easy to use as you can click the remote control or mobile application. You can tilt or lift the window coverings from wherever you are. Moreover, some manufacturers offer motorised blinds programmed to close at a particular time.

The HVAC unit remains the primary reason for high power bills in every household. People try to save costs by installing electric blinds. Installing one at your home help operate the blinds based on temperature changes and sunlight exposure. The functionality of blinds is based on the programs installed, so natural heating is possible in summer.

Long cords are hazardous when children are left alone at home. Motorised window blinds are safe to operate if you have kids at home. The smart blind installation will help determine the right time to lift or shut them. You can control the temperature at your home throughout the year.  

Homeowners need help selecting the best window coverings as several options are available on the internet. Moreover, you have to consider several factors. From privacy to aesthetics, motorised window treatments ensure all the benefits.



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